Individual Information Session

"I don’t know where to turn!"

This statement expresses the bewilderment of people who need help for depression and related conditions and it defines a primary role of the Depression Connection for Recovery – a place to turn.

The Individual Information Session provides information (education) on an individual basis.  When individuals turn to the Depression Connection for Recovery, they discuss their needs with a Recovery Support Leader (RSL) and arrive at a level of understanding that will enable them to make good decisions for themselves in order to “move forward”. The Depression Connection for Recovery provides resources that help to develop a plan of action that will help people move from mental illness and choose to follow a recovery plan to mental health from what they receive from the session. Many people feel relief from the fear and mystery they may have regarding their conditions as they learn through Consultation.

Clients develop a plan for recovery which includes what they are going to do and what the Depression Connection for Recovery will do to support them.  Informed people tend to be faithful to a plan and benefit from the resources that are available to them. Hopefully, the information session will be a major step toward feeling better and having a life.  You will become hopeful as you gain understanding and learn of ways to achieve recovery.